How Often To Get A Massage In Jackson Hole

How often should someone get a massage? This is a question we hear all the time at Jackson Hole Mobile Massage. There is no consistent answer to the question of how often you should get a massage. Why, you may wonder? The answer is different for everyone because we are all so unique. The truth is there are many factors to consider for each person and their needs. The answer could depend on your goals for massage therapy, your budget, your schedule, or other variables.

Here are some questions we would ask and that you can ask yourself. These questions can help determine the best massage frequency for you and your current circumstances.

  • Are you looking to heal from an acute or chronic illness or injury?
  • Are you seeking massage for maintenance to upkeep optimal wellness and longevity?
  • Is massage part of your mental health plan? How does it help you?
  • Have you suffered a trauma and need self-care assistance to work through it?
  • How stressful do you feel your life is?
  • How do you manage your stress? Is massage one of your main tools?
  • What is your budget for self-care?
  • Are you looking for your massage sessions to be in your home or in our office?
  • How do you respond to massage? Do you know what modality best serves you (deep tissue, Swedish, sports, energetic)?

Your budget is an important factor to consider when deciding how often to get a massage. If you can only afford to get a massage once a month, that’s okay! There are still many benefits to be gained from receiving massage on a monthly basis. If you have a more flexible budget, you may want to consider getting a massage more often. Once a week or twice a week can be an ideal frequency for many people if it is within your budget and health plan.

Your schedule is also an important consideration. If you have a very busy schedule, you may find it difficult to commit to getting a massage regularly. Although, we highly recommend setting aside time for your self-care whenever possible. Self-care is an important part of maintaining a busy, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.

Knowing our “why” can help us determine the most appropriate and supportive route of action. In Jackson Hole, with locals and visitors alike, we see people who want to enjoy all that this amazing place has to offer. Often this means playing hard and working hard. Yet, at times you may benefit most from allowing time to slow down. Allowing space to receive a little help in reducing stress, pain, or tension so you can feel great and enjoy your experiences in Jackson Hole to the fullest. 

The benefits of massage are cumulative, meaning they build up over time. Depending on your goals, 1-2 times per week may be optimal, while some people may find they only need a massage every other week or once a month to maintain their desired results. Another thing to keep in mind is that massage is great paired with many other self-care and wellness regimens such as physical therapy, acupuncture, personal training, and bodywork modalities.

Here are some examples of what we see in our Jackson Hole Mobile Massage practice. Some of our clients get massages 3 times a week, while others may get a massage once a month. Someone receiving massage 2 or 3 times a week may be working on healing from an injury or they may be an athlete in training. If you are seeking specific results, such as pain relief from an injury or chronic condition, 2-3 times per week may be necessary at first, then taper down as your body responds and you experience relief. Whereas someone receiving monthly massages may have gone through a series of sessions to get to the place of using massage for maintenance to balance optimal wellness. Others receiving massage once a week may consider it mental health maintenance to reduce everyday stress and anxiety for the long or short term. If you are new to massage, you could start with a massage once a week for 4-6 weeks to experience the full effects and see what feels best for you. 

The bottom line is that you should listen to your body and work with your massage therapist to come up with a plan that is right for you. We hope this article helps you find your “why” about how often is best for you to receive massage to benefit your Jackson Hole lifestyle. We are here to help with your questions. You can reach us at  Jackson Hole Mobile Massage | Jackson Hole, Wyoming Book Now