Signature Massage

Custom massage designed by you and your therapist to address your unique needs in the moment.

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A massage as unique as you are.

Suffering from stressed, tired, tight, and aching muscles or lack of flexibility? You deserve better. Our massage therapists will work with you to develop the perfect massage to address your specific needs and pain points. Each therapist has unique training to combined a variety of modalities perfect for your session.

All Signature Massage Treatments Are Unique

The Signature Massage is a custom massage experience that targets your exact pain points, emotional holding patterns. The Signature Massage can help reduce pain, sleep better, feel relaxed, which helps your body heal naturally. Book Now to schedule your massage today.

The perfect massage for any occasion

Our therapists specialize in many different modalities of massage and bodywork. But the most important part of our signature massage is communication. We talk to you about what you’re feeling and what your trouble areas are. We then tailor a treatment just for you.

Once we know what areas to focus on we can ensure that we give you the best experience possible.

Scheduling Your Treatment Is Easy

1. Click "Book Now"

Customize your experience by choosing your treatment and Spa Enhancements & Complements

2. Prepare Your Space

Before your therapist arrives make sure you have an area for them to set up and work.

3. Relax and Enjoy

Release tension and stress in the comfort of your own home, outdoors, or other location because we come to you.

What is a Signature Massage?

A personalized massage that is specifically tailored to address your needs for relaxation, stress relief, and muscle tension. While allowing each therapist to use their best unique skills to achieve the relief you deserve.

What is the benefit of a Signature Massage?

A Signature massage targets your specific pain points and tension areas, using techniques that have been tailored to meet your needs. It can be performed in your home or office so it’s perfect for those with limited mobility on-site.

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Treatment Pricing

30 Min. Session

Mobile $155*

45 Min. Session

Mobile $170*

1 Hour Session

Mobile $210*

In-Office $150

1.5 Hour Session

Mobile $255*

In-Office $195

2 Hour Session

Mobile $420*

In-Office $300


Spa Enhancements & Compliments

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